Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dont Know What You Have Got Until It`s Gone

Its been so long since I last posted, but with no time to spare I just wana give a heads up about a project I have coming up, we all know someone who has suffered from the big C,  whether it be a family member, a friend or if your one of the lucky ones you have only heard about it on the news but time has flew in since my very dear aunty Angela passed away from cancer almost a year ago so in honour of this incredible, strong, impowering woman I will be doing 6miles for macmillan cancer support this June!!! so please, please if you can help me out and help me raise money for this incredible charity :D xxx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I don' t want things to change

one brief sentence can say so much "may the bridge I burn light the way" I came across this little quote not that long ago as I was writing questions into google to figure out some sort of clue to whats next I realised that the questions I was asking couldn't be answered by a search engine but only I could answer them, as I found myself on numerous websites talking inspiration and change your life, finding a new path to go down all that bogus I found this little quote like a needle in haystack but as I left it for the night and gave up that one sentence stuck in my head I thought more and more about it and ever since its kept me from losing it can going crazy, I probably should explain why I'm in such need of a reassurance well firstly, recently i' ve been under a lot of pressure to make decisions that I'm just not sure if I'm ready to make I feel like I'm juggling all these balls and I finally found a rhythm to keep them all from falling but I'm being thrown more and more and I can't keep up not just from asking the question what' s next? but from the feeling that I'm losing my friends and people that I would near call family the fact that they know their answer and they are moving on but little old me is just stuck! so when I think about what that quote means, to me means as you begin to move on and leave the past where the past belongs you can look back and learn from the mistakes previously made they can help map out what's next.... so for all you guys out there that are stuck just like me make your own meaning up for that saying it really can help guide you to the next step :) xxx

Friday, 18 January 2013

A Little For All

Off the top of my head..... 

1.) Come on Eileen- Dexy`s Midnight Runners
2.) Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris ft. Florence
3.) Neil Young- Needle and the Damage Done
4.) Ellie Goulding- Figure 8
5.) Ben Howard- Black Flies
6.) David Bowie- Space Oddity
7.) Land of Talk- Quarry Hymms
8.) Harlem- Three Legged Dog
9.) Now, Now-Dead Oaks
10.) Gabrielle Aplin- Ghosts

 There`s a little bit for everyone.... xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

what I would do for love...

"When your awake, on your own shadows turn into ghosts" gabrielle aplin                                        im in love with these lyrics so in love that i might just get really wasted one night and get it tattooed on my forehead alongside an arrow saying im a dumbass for getting this tattooed on my forehead but anyhow, this got me thinking one thing i love alot is finding a new band,old band,new songs, old songs and that rush of excitement when you know youc've fallen madly for them and you just wana listen to every song they have sooooo every week (if i can remember) i will post up top whatever favourite bands or songs of the week bubia! :D xxx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

gimme more

okay, so for some reason i have found myself thinking about
 life and as cheesy and cliché as it sounds it does happen to come with an unavoidable truth, the fact that everyday we live is one day less, i know its a pretty grimm picture to paint, but it's the truth, i feel that we all just live our lives like we are immortal and will live forever. And that day we decide to stay in bed and refuse to see anyone, basking in feeling sorry for ourselves, just because you couldnt be bothered is the one day you could miss out on something that could make those crappy feelings disappear because everyday is unpredictable and we all do it we all have those days there is nothing wrong with us, its just that that one day could be the one thing that will teach us to have real appreciation for our lives. so to sum up if your feeling like me kind of fed up and want a change then that day you decide to stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself get up, get out and live! because for all we know it could be our last, sadly the only phrase that comes to mind which is inncredibly annoying and
 ridicously overused is YOLO it may be mainstream but it can really motivate you to just kick ass! xxx

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Beginning

Hey Yolks! sooo this is the beginning of my first blog, called Empty This Space, reason why I called it that? I  haven`t a clue... I guess the only reason could be because I think far too much into things and always feel like in order to stop thinking I need to just write it all down so, I said too myself thats what i`m gona do write all the shit that`s in my head in a blog...... be WARNED! I am Rambler